SFFF is a film festival dedicated to the promotion and recognition of acclaimed short films in the Asian region to a broader international audience. The concept of film being necessities of life becomes the forefront of SFFF’s mission. The diverse nature of the selected films is aimed at bringing a distinctive sense of belonging for the masses. The awards serve the purpose of funding towards future projects and endeavours by the winners.

SFFF - Student Categories

SFFF - Chasing Clementine

Isabella Goh
Chasing Clementine
Singapore | English

A UK based Singaporean filmmaker, Isabella tells stories that are immersive, poignant and thought-provoking that are close to home.

SFFF - The Homestay

The Homestay
Malaysia | English

Fresh graduate with a degree in VFX from Warnborough College, UK. Previously a martial arts instructor and now pursuing filming since 2016.

SFFF - Together

Daisy Cheung
Hong Kong | Mandarin

Daisy Cheung is a fourth year undergraduate student in film at the National Taiwan University of Arts.

SFFF - A Moment With Morpheus

Christina Leong
A Moment With Morpheus
Malaysia | English

Filmmaker, photographer and painter from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Artistic influences include surrealism, greek mythology and new media technology.