SFFF Open Categories

SFFF Open Categories

CHENG Thim Kian
Baeu Baeu
Malaysia | Mandarin & Korean

A Malaysian Chinese descent film director, screenwriter, and producer that went to a few filmmaking workshops around Asia.

Ekin Kee Charles
Pace | Ekin Kee Charles | Malaysia | Sabahan Malay

Ekin Kee Charles is a filmmaker from Sabah who believes that filmmaking should be accessible to everyone.

Jarell Serencio
City Of Gold
Philippines | Visayan

Jarell is an independent filmmaker from Southern Philippines. An alumnus of Busan Asian Film School 2018. City of Gold was awarded Best Short Film at the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences or FAMAS 2019 and was screened at SEAShorts and Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival.

Aw See Wee
Kampung Tapir
Malaysia | Mandarin, English & Malay

A graduate of NTUA (Taiwan), Aw See Wee’s works centre around family relationships and social issues.

Thamsatid Charoenrittichai
Qinglang de Tiankong
Thailand | Thai & Mandarin

Born in Bangkok but raised in a Chinese family.

Tan Hong Ken
The Past
Malaysia | Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay & Hindu

A 24 year old fresh graduate from NTUA, hoping to spread his ideas through filmmaking.

Thanh Đoàn
Cold Fish
Vietnam | Vietnamese

A young filmmaker based in Saigon, Vietnam. Thanh’s work revolves around stories of small but remarkable sadnesses.

Gina Tan
Singapore | Mandarin & English

Gina’s films are inspired by true stories – as she grows and navigates through the intricate nature of human relationships.

Mohammad Reza Fahriyansyah
Rest In Peace
Indonesia | Javanese & Indonesian

Established his own production house, Crazyone Films. Reza has made several short films. Rest in Peace, his latest film competed at the Clermont Ferrand IFF, France, 2019.

Lobin Wong
Big Wall
Malaysia | Cantonese

A director and writer, Lobin studied film in National Taiwan University of Arts and graduated in 2019.

Kezia Alexandra
Indonesia | English

Kezia Alexandra is an Indonesian director that inhabits surrealism & the avant-garde in her work.

Bebbra Mailin
Malaysia | Kadazan & Malay

Born and raised in Sabah, Bebbra tells untold stories of her hometown, winning several prestigious awards in the process.

Ian Steven Ong
Mr. Wong
Malaysia | Mandarin

A Malaysian filmmaker with nine years of experience, ‘Mr. Wong’ marks Ian’s directorial short film debut.

JiN Chen
Malaysia | Mandarin & Cantonese

Filmmaker, music producer and singer-songwriter. JiN has a degree in film & videography, and a masterclass of cinematography from Hollywood.

JK Peng
Project TA7
Malaysia | English & Malay

JK Peng’s passion for cinema drives him on his journey of filmmaking, currently developing his first superhero feature film to break into the industry.

Raeburn Ng
Run For Life
Malaysia | English

Founder of Kaloz Production Sdn Bhd and established in 2014. Rae is experienced as a Director, Filmmaker and Photographer in the film and advertising industry.