SFFF is a film festival dedicated to the promotion and recognition of acclaimed short films in the Asian region to a broader international audience. The concept of film being necessities of life becomes the forefront of SFFF’s mission. The diverse nature of the selected films is aimed at bringing a distinctive sense of belonging for the masses. The awards serve the purpose of funding towards future projects and endeavours by the winners.

Jury of SFFF


Tony Pietra Arjuna

Tony is a versatile filmmaker, achieving success in both short and long efforts. His indie-styled movies and series have cemented his name in the industry. His unique approach to directing, founded upon both his ethnic and attained influences, defines Tony’s directional style.


Edmund Yeo

Edmund, a renowned Malaysian producer, editor and director, has numerous award-winning works under his belt. Aqerat (2017), one of his most celebrated works, is the defining statement of Edmund, his style and his works.


Goh Aun Hoe

Silver Ant Animations

Goh is both a veteran and a founding-father of Malaysia’s animation industry. His experiences and expertise founded upon a unique vision, drive and talent, Goh has established himself as a true professional both on the drawing board and off.


Chuan Looi

Chuan is a photographer by profession and by passion. His prestige in the fashion, media and entertainment industry throughout Malaysia and Hong Kong underscores his professionalism, whilst his work with World Vision highlights his passion for photography.

SFFF Awards
Awards for everyone.

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SFFF Awards

Dear SFFF friends,

Due to the seriousness of the COVID-19 and in light of the Ministry of Health, we are saddened to inform you that SFFF will have to be postponed until further notice.

The health and safety of our guests are of the utmost importance to us. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we hope that you understand the unique circumstances underway.

We sincerely hope that this global pandemic will be brought down under control soon and we wish you all to stay away from crowded spaces and be mindful of daily hygiene