About Stardust Media

Stardust Media is a new-age entertainment and media company with a blockchain-enabled online platform. The Stardust platform allows our users to not only enjoy our content but to also participate and interact in all our projects hosted on the platform ranging from domestic and international concerts to artist meet-and-greets to special exhibitions and movies.

Stardust Media will revolutionize the entertainment industry by incorporating our user’s into the content creation process aided by blockchain technology built into our user interface.

Our platform users will have special benefits where they can support and jointly-own rights to their favorite artists. Users will also have the opportunity to create their own teams, synergize with artists, and sponsor content creations. Users can also benefit from exclusive early-bird offers and earn platform rewards. 

Stardust will cater to the enjoyment of users in both the real and virtual worlds by establishing world-class music and film festivals. We hope to become the leader in the world of online media and entertainment, and revolutionize the way our users create and enjoy content.

Our Mission

The mission of Stardust Media is to revolutionize and elevate the entertainment industry through unparalleled content created on quality and innovative media and entertainment technologies.

Our Vision

The vision of Stardust Media is to foster high-quality media and entertainment production throughout the global entertainment industry by establishing an all-in-one OTT user interface for a new generation of internet entertainment. We, at Stardust Media, want to our users to participate and experience the content-creation process and ‘become the artist’.